Boston Barber Co. - The Sarkis Team - North End Boston

Friday February 14, 2020

Boston Barber Co. - The Sarkis Team - North End Boston
If you asked Robert Dello Russo what his mission was regarding Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. a decade ago, he'd tell you all about how he originally set out to create a men’s Barbershop that exuded, class, dignity, and downright ruthless expert barbering, but also incorporated the grit and heart that is ingrained in the fabric of every North Ender and Bostonian: and thus Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. was born The award winning Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. is not your run of the mill corner barbershop. At Boston Barber & Tattoo Co., each client who enters the shop is recognized as an individual with a sense of style and an attitude that is unique to them. Barbers at Boston Barber Co. take their role and responsibility as Master Barbers seriosuly, setting out to not only enhance each individual's style, but also recreate it if needed. Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. has become home to A-list Boston celebrities like Milan Lucic, Brad Marchand,Tory Krug, Jack Eichel, Joe Kelly, Gordon Hayward and Dello is its foundation. Not only did Dello Russo succeed in making his vision a reality, he revolutionized the “neighborhood barbershop” as we know it. In short, he made it “cool” again The Sarkis Team's very own George Sarkis visits Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. in the heart of Boston's North end, where he has been getting his own hair cut for 10+ years, to chat with Robert Dello Russo about his esteemed barber shop, and what makes it such a North End staple. For more information about the North End, aka "Boston's Little Italy", reach out to The Sarkis Team! 781-603-8702 George Sarkis 781-603-8702 Manny Sarkis 781-801-0610
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